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Here are answers to some of ICLE's Most Frequently Asked Questions!


I can't remember what email address I used to register in your system, or I no longer have access to that email account.  Is it OK to just create a new account with a new email address?top

PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.  This can and will result in duplicate accounts for you and can interfere with accurate reporting of your attendance at seminars.  If you have trouble accessing your account, please call (678)-529-6688 (during normal business hours) and someone will be able to assist you.

How long does it take for credit to be reported?top

ICLE requires 10 business days for processing and reporting credit for our Live Programs. Satellite Programs and Video Conferences require 14 business days. Reporting time for these seminars is contingent on how promptly attendance confirmations are mailed back from each location to which it is broadcast. We cannot report credit for any seminar until all attendance has been verified and the seminar has been reconciled. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our reporting process, there are no exceptions to our policy and we are unable to expedite the reporting of credit on an individual basis.

I have questions about the hours reported or general inquiries about my CLE status and yearly

ICLE will report your credits to the Commission on Continuing Lawyer Competency (CCLC) of the State Bar of Georgia for the programs ICLE sponsors; credit requests for programs attended out of state or for programs not sponsored by ICLE should be submitted to CCLC at the State Bar of Georgia. Questions about credit for programs not organized by ICLE (how much you will receive, why it hasn't been reported, etc.) will need to be directed to that program's sponsor. In addition, general inquiries about your CLE status and the yearly CLE requirements, including questions about hours needed, how hours are applied and/or why you are showing a deficiency should also be directed to the State Bar's CLE regulation department at 404-527-8710 or

I took a course in 2016 (more than 14 business days ago) and it is still not showing on my CLE status report online. Why haven't these hours been reported?top

It is likely that the hours for that program have actually been submitted to the State Bar. Unfortunately, courses attended in 2015 will not show up under the Courses Taken portion of the CLE Status Report on the State Bar's website until after the final 2015 deadline. Until March 31, that page will only show the names of courses taken in 2015; however, the hours from any courses taken to date are reflected in the Summary at the bottom of the page. If you are still unsure if your hours are contributing, please contact the State Bar's MCLE department at 404-527-8710 or to confirm that they have received your hours.

Can I get credit for ICLE programs in other states?top

ICLE can only guarantee credit in Georgia. To request credit in other states, please fill out the Uniform Certificate of Attendance form and submit it, along with the program agenda, to the Bar of the state from which you are requesting credit. That state will then approve or deny the request as they see fit.

I have questions about an ICLE seminar and registration, who do I contact?top

ICLE is a program of the State Bar of Georgia. Any questions about programming and registration for upcoming seminars should be directed to ICLE at

How do I register for a program online?top

When registering for seminars online, your email address is your user name. The best way to register is to start from our home page, select the seminar you wish to attend, then sign in and check out. Occasionally, you may not be able to register if you sign in before selecting your seminar. If this happens, please sign all the way out and start from the beginning, waiting to sign in after you have selected a program.

If you are still unable to sign in, please call and we will verify your account information.

You may also choose to download the form to mail or fax in your registration.

When I register for programs online, it asks for my Shipping Address. Why do you need that if I am ordering an online seminar?top

When registering for seminars online, you are asked to verify all of your information in our system so that we can keep accurate records for your account.  This includes your Shipping Address.  We do not send any materials out to you when you order an online seminar. Any materials are provided as a PDF download.

How can I tell how much credit I will get for a specific seminar?top

The credit hours for each program are listed on our website next to each seminar title as well as on the program's agenda. The breakdown is as follows: Total CLE Hours/Ethics Hours/Professionalism Hours/Trial Practice Hours. (These are not to be added together. The first number signifies the total Regular hours for the program. If you attend the program in full, this is how many CLE hours you will get. All hours are considered Regular hours; however, of the total Regular hours, some may also contribute to specialty credits as designated.)

What does "Self-Study" mean?top

"Self-Study" is a term that refers to our Webcasts and Video Rentals, aka In-House programs. These are archived programs that can be viewed from your home or office computer on your own time. Georgia attorneys are allowed to contribute 6 In-House hours to their mandatory CLE requirement per year. For questions about whether or not you have accumulated any Self-Study hours to date, please contact the State Bar of Georgia.

Are credits for Satellite programs considered Self-Study/In-House hours?top

No. As long as you attend the program at one of the official designated locations, you will be given Regular Live CLE credit for all Live Satellites, Satellite Rebroadcasts, Video Replays and Video Conferences.

I just watched a Webcast, how do I report my credit?top

ICLE reports credit for all our Self-Study programs to the State Bar of Georgia weekly. This is done automatically according to purchase date; there is no need for any action on your part.

Once imported into the State Bar's database, credit can take up to 24 hours to show up on your summary report. If you still do not see it and it is outside of this time frame, please contact the State Bar at 404-527-8710 with questions.

Why does my receipt show that I watched this Webcast on June 30? Will this affect when my credit is reported?top

The June date is a generic date used only in ICLE's system for our Self-Study programs. The system requires us to input a "Date of Seminar" but because Self-Study courses do not actually have a scheduled date (since they are pre-recorded and can be viewed at any time) we use the June date to fill that blank. That date does not leave our system and in no way affects your CLE status with the State Bar. All Self-Study courses are reported to the State Bar as "attended" on the day they are purchased.

I was a Speaker at an ICLE program, why have I not received my credit?top

ICLE does not report credit for our speakers until we have received a completed Speaker credit request form. If you have not already done so, please complete this form and return it to ICLE via email to or fax to 678-529-6676. The form would have been included in the Speaker "thank you packet" that was mailed to you after the program. It is also available on our website's "Forms" page. If you have submitted one already, please ensure that it was filled out completely and resend if it has been longer than 10 business days.