Supplemental Seminar Materials and Books

Materials provided will be available for 30 days from the start of the seminar. As a reminder, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view the materials for these seminars. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer it is a free download available at

Date Seminar Title Download
10/19/2018 Basic Fiduciary Practice

Fiduciary Session Book

10/18/2018 U.S. Supreme Court Update

Supreme Court Update Book

10/16/2018 Beginning Lawyers Program

Beginning Session Book

10/12/2018 Advanced Health Law

Family Law Session Book

10/12/2018 Family Law

Family Law Session Book

Speaker Notes: Hon. Kathy S. Palmer

10/12/2018 Title Standards

Title Standards Book

10/11/2018 VA Accreditation

VA Accreditation Book>

10/11/2018 4th Annual Not Your Everyday Custody Case

Custody Session Book

Apps and Technology Speaker Notes

10/6-8/2018 ICLE at Sea

ICLE at Sea

10/05/2018 Premises Liability

Premises Liability Book

10/04/2018 Workers' Compensation Law Institute

Workers' Comp. Law Book

10/04/2018 Zoning Law

Zoning Law

Brandon Bowen's Paper

09/27/2018 Solo and Small Firm Institute

Friday (13MB)

Saturday (8MB)

09/27/2018 Nuts and Bolts of Family Law

Family Law Book

Contempt v. Modification Slide Stack

09/21/2018 Fighting the Good Fight: Employment Law in the Courtroom

Fighting the Good Fight Book

09/21/2018 Medical Malpractice Bootcamp

Medical Malpractice Book

Medical Malpractice Slide Stack

09/20/2018 Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Book

09/20/2018 RICO