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  1. What are the system requirements for viewing an Online Self-Study CLE course from ICLE?

    To view the program, be sure that you have the most updated version of your web browser.  We recommend either Mozilla Firefox (www.mozilla.com), Google Chrome (www.google.com/chrome), or Safari (www.apple.com/safari).

    Internet Explorer Users: Please note that you should update your verision of IE to the most recent version.

    You may also view the programs on your mobile devices such as Apple iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphones.

  2. How will my credit get reported?

    ICLE will report all CLE credit to the State Bar of Georgia on the attending attorney's behalf.

    The Institute of Continuing Legal Education in Georgia (ICLE) does not guarantee out-of-state
    credit for any of its CLE programs. In most out-of-state jurisdictions, each live, on-line or
    video rental attendee of an ICLE event will submit the Uniform Certificate of Attendance he or she can downloaded by clicking here and sending it to the out-of-state jurisdiction, and nothing more is required. The attending attorney is solely responsible for submitting a complete application to the out-of-state jurisdiction along with all other required forms and fees.

    Some out-of-state jurisdictions, however, require the CLE provider to make application for course accreditation, pay certain fees associated with such application, and submit the application for CLE credit on behalf of attending attorneys. The individual attorney attending an ICLE program may request that ICLE make the application for course accreditation in such a case. ICLE may make the application but will not be responsible for obtaining any required paperwork or paying any fees associated with the individual’s application, to include any late fees. The requesting attorney must obtain the necessary paperwork from the out-of-state jurisdiction, forward it to ICLE and pay all associated fees to ICLE, which will be remitted on his or her behalf to the out-of-state jurisdiction, plus an administrative fee of $25.00 to ICLE. Out-of-state credit is not guaranteed. Also, be aware that some jurisdictions do not allow CLE credit for on-line and video rental programs. Each attendee of any CLE program offered by ICLE is solely responsible for determining the requirements of each out-of-state jurisdiction in which they seek CLE credit.


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