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Registration Fee:


Registration Fee:


CLE Hours

24 CLE Hours including 2 Ethics Hours, 2 Professionalism Hours and 12 Trial Practice Hours


Gary Christy Memorial

June 27-30, 2013

The University of Georgia
School of Law
Athens, GA

  • Family Law Section, State Bar of Georgia
  • General Practice and Trial Section, State Bar of Georgia
  • Criminal Law Section, State Bar of Georgia
Course Description
The ICLE Georgia Trial Skills Clinic provides you, as the attendee, opportunities to perform in a realistic trial setting and receive advice necessary to develop and enhance your skills as a member of the trial bar from seasoned litigators and judges. For four days you will be on your feet, arguing, questioning witnesses and generally developing your trial skills. You will work on a civil case and a criminal case. The course emphasizes trial techniques, in addition to substantive law. You will be assigned problems and must be prepared to perform in the role of the trial counsel. You will learn from the critiques offered by the mentors, fellow attendees and from demonstrations by faculty members.
About the Faculty Mentors

Some of Georgia’s finest attorneys and judges will serve as mentors. Here are some of the expected mentors:

John Timmons (Athens)
Michael Carlson (Decatur)
Converse Bright (Valdosta)
Hon. Ronnie Joe Lane (Donalsonville)
Hon. Stephen Boswell (Atlanta)
Jeffrey Bogart (Atlanta)
Joseph A. Fried (Atlanta)
Steve Gilliam, Gainesville
Bruce Harvey (Atlanta)
Michael Warshauer (Atlanta)
Marc Davis (Atlanta)
Diane Marger Moore (Tallahassee)
Bryan Lavine (Atlanta)
Dennis Sanders (Thomson)
Mike Neff (Atlanta)
Buck Rogers (Atlanta)
Jon McPhail (Atlanta)
Alex Zipperer (Savannah)
Charles C. Murphy, Jr. (Atlanta)
Susan W. Cox (Statesboro)
Natalie Wilkes (Atlanta)
Louis Polonsky (Atlanta)
Steve Steele (Marietta)
Rob Waller (Lawrenceville)
Eric Hertz (Atlanta) and more...

Attendance — Limited to 60
The Georgia Trial Skills Clinic will be limited to sixty students on a “first-come” basis. If demand exceeds the space available for this program, a stand-by list will be maintained. No refunds will be made for cancellations later than June 10th, unless the Institute is able to substitute an attendee from the standby list. You must check with ICLE before attempting to register on-site to see if space is available.
Teaching Method and Student Commitment

Team teaching is the principal method of instruction. The faculty for each section will consist of experienced trial attorneys and/or judges. Participants have the opportunity and the obligation to offer comments and criticism that will be useful to the professional development of their fellow attendees. In return, each attendee will receive the benefit of evaluations of his/her own performance by faculty members and fellow participants.

We cannot emphasize enough the need for full commitment of your time for four days. Classes begin Thursday afternoon and meet all day Friday and Saturday, as well as Sunday morning. Evening preparation is required. It is the equivalent of preparing two cases for trial in four days. You will be expected to be prepared as an attorney for either side (with advance notice of specific assignments) of both cases in the materials. You will be provided, in advance, the complete agenda, group assignments, a full set of problems and case materials.

Housing information and a map of the downtown area will be sent to each registrant.
(Submit applications by May 20th)
  • The Criminal Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia is offering two full-tuition scholarships. Send a brief application via e-mail to Sharell Lewis at (Applicants must be members of the Criminal Law Section.)

  • The Family Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia is offering two full-tuition scholarships. Send a brief application via e-mail to Kelly Miles at

  • The General Practice and Trial Section of the State Bar is offering one full-tuition scholarship. Send a brief application via e-mail to Laura Austin at

Your application should put forth your best case for being awarded the particular scholarship. Application for a scholarship alone will not guarantee you a place at the seminar, so you may wish to consider sending in your registration fee even if you are applying for a scholarship. If you receive a scholarship, the amount of the scholarship will be refunded to you.