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Registration Fee:



National Speaker Series

SEPTEMBER 20, 2013

State Bar of Georgia Headquarters
104 Marietta St. NW • Atlanta

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6 CLE Hours

About the Program:
The road from confrontation to agreement is not the elimination of strangely felt differences. That is not even possible. So, how do you “win” the cooperation of others in an environment of such strongly felt differences? It is accomplished by mastering the negotiating principles consistent with and supported by both research and experience. Ed Hatch is a master negotiator who has trained lawyers and business people across the nation.

Ultimately, if people are critical to your success, you must know and master the means to win their hearts as well as their minds. Successfully guiding your client and/or opposing counsel to agreement will only come when you can: clearly, convincingly, persuasively communicate the benefit to them—to win them over not win over them.

Ed Hatch delivers a seminar unlike any other program you have attended. It is not a listen and learn program; instead, you will: listen, learn and do each of the following aspects.

  1. There Must Be TRUST!

  2. You can give advice to someone who does not trust you…they just won’t take it!

  3. Communicate To Be Understood!

  4. Most disagreements and/or conflicts are not disagreements at all—they are simply misunderstandings!

  5. Your success in any negotiation is not so much what you say…but HOW you say it!


Registration and Continental Breakfast
(All attendees must check in upon arrival. A jacket or sweater is recommended.)


Introduction and Overview


The 3 Fundamental Elements that affect the outcome of ALL negotiations

The 3 Predictable Forms of Resistance and how to overcome each




The Cognitive Mind Map and the appropriate corresponding Ask, Listen, Learn, Lead Process

  • Moving from Conflict to Cooperation— using the Right Questions at the Right Time vs Making Statements
  • Active Listening—6 fundamental hints in this
    counter-intuitive skill
Lunch (Included in registration fee)

1st Connect Then Convince

  • NLP—a strategy for determining the client’s desired “form” of communication; learn to “speak the same language”
  • Quadrant Personality Profiling—a strategy for determining not only the client’s preferred “delivery” style of communication but also preferred negotiating style

The “Golden Bridge”—use of the Need, Feature, Benefit Statement to Win Others Over vs Winning Over Others
6-Step Strategy—for handling and overcoming last minute “objections”