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NOVEMBER 22, 2013

Archived Webcast

CLE Hours:
6 CLE Hours including 1 Professionalism Hour

About the Seminar:
As an attorney you must have good people skills, ranging from handling challenging situations to developing relationships that wear well over time. These skills require the ability to influence others and strengthen relationships in ways to increase rapport.

You will add to your EQ (your emotional intelligence quotient) in various legal settings by applying social science research to attorney-client relations, exchanging insights with other attendees, examining conflict situations and your options, and learning to better manage and benefit from non-verbals—yours and theirs.

When you increase your skills in working with others, you increase your ability to succeed in almost all aspects of work and life.

About the Speaker:
Cal Sutliff has been training people and consulting with organizations for more than twenty years. His clients include Fortune 500 companies, smaller organizations, non-profits, professional societies, unions, and a variety of government clients.

Morning Session

  • Six Key Principles
  • Positive Focus vs Negative Focus; Does It Make A Difference?
  • Seligman’s 30 Year Research Project
  • Discover Your Assertive-Agreesive-Passive Profile (and make changes you choose)
  • Professionalism

Afternoon Session

  • Non-Verbals: Theirs and Yours
  • Increasing Your Empathy Skills
  • The Need To Be Right (Danger Zone)
  • Managing Your Focus
  • Find Your Hot Buttons; How To Manage Them Better
  • Brief Feedback (Positive And Corrective): The Surprising Skill
  • Conflicts and The Request Method (How To Move Past Conflicts More Quickly)
  • Installing New Patterns: It's Not About Will Power
  • Sign Up For 3 Follow-Up Bulletins (If You Choose To)