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CLE Hours:
6 CLE Hours including 1 Ethics Hour, 1 Professionalism Hour and 3 Trial Practice Hours

General Practice and Trial Law Section, State Bar of Georgia

Frank T. Gomez, Program Co-Chair; Head, Thomas, Webb & Willis, LLC, Atlanta
Cory E. Yager, Program Co-Chair; Head, Thomas, Webb & Willis, LLC, Atlanta

Welcome and Program Overview
Frank T. Gomez
2013 NHTSA Field Sobriety Evaluations: New and updated but are they really an improvement? 
Cory E. Yager
Ron Lloyd, Ron Lloyd Enterprises LLC, Palmetto
DUI Case Law Update in a Nutshell
Frank T. Gomez
Everything you wanted to know about ALS Hearings but were afraid to ask  
Laura K. Wester, The Chestney Law Firm, Atlanta
How to Win Your DUI trial in Voir Dire 
Richard T. Ryczek, Jr., The Ryczek Firm, P.C., Lawrenceville

EffECTIVE DUI Motion Practice
Cris E. Schneider, The Schneider Law Firm, Savannah

Cross examination of the State’s witness: Your Best Weapon of Choice
T. Kevin Mooney, Stein & Ward LLP, Atlanta
Ethics in a dui case: My thoughts and observations 
Nina Svoren, Healy & Svoren, Toccoa
Professionalism Hour: Really? Are You Kidding Me?  What ticks us off in DUI cases
Jeffery A. Rothman, Daniels and Rothman, P.C., Athens
Anna G. Bolden, Daniels and Rothman, P.C., Athens
Alive and Kicking!! Georgia Legislative Update and Department of Driver Services Practice in the Post Ammons universe  
Jennifer G. Ammons, Head, Thomas, Webb and Willis, LLC, Atlanta