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$45 w/pledge

$120 w/o pledge



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Registration Pledge:
Registrants that register at the reduced rate must pledge, under this pro bono project, to render legal assistance in cases involving child protection and advocacy issues; therefore, they agree to accept, if contacted, one pro bono referral during the succeeding twelve months. This is done in exchange for paying a significantly reduced registration fee. (Upon registration they will receive a formal pledge form to execute and return to ICLE.  CLE Credit will be reported once pledge is received by ICLE)

There is no pro bono pledge requirement if you register at the $120 rate.  ICLE will report CLE Credit for those registering at the higher rate immediately.

CLE Hours:
3 CLE Hours including 1 Trial Practice Hour

Georgia Appleseed Center for Law and Justice;
Child Protection & Advocacy Section, State Bar of Georgia

Nicki Noel Vaughan, Program Chair; Chair, Child Protection & Advocacy Section, State Bar of Georgia; Chief Assistant Public Defender, Northeastern Judicial Circuit, Gainesville

Alison M. Ballard, Taylor English Duma LLP, Atlanta
Eric S. Fisher, Taylor English Duma LLP, Atlanta
Craig S. Friedman, Jones Day, Atlanta
Rachel L. Platt, The Platt Law Firm, Atlanta

introduction AND OVERVIEW of the tribunal process

Before the Tribunal

  1. Right to Written Notice
  2. Right to an Attorney
  3. Right to Know Evidence being Presented

Students with Disabilities

  1. Manifestation Determination
  2. Behavior Intervention Plan
  3. Due Process

Preparation for the Tribunal

  1. Meeting with the Client and Preparing the Child’s Testimony, Parent’s Testimony and Testimony of any other Witnesses
  2. Preparation of Arguments
    • Subpoenas
    • Hearsay
    • Disability Issues
    • Notice Issues
    • Punishment Issues
  3. Is there a Possibility of Settlement?

At the Tribunal

  1. Procedures at the Tribunal
  2. Creating a Record
  3. Mitigating Punishment

After the Tribunal

  1. Appeal to Local School Board
  2. Appeal to State Board of Education
  3. Appeal of State Board’s Decision