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6 CLE Hours including 3 Trial Practice Hours

Natsu T. Saito, Program Co-Chair, Professor, Georgia State University College of Law, Atlanta G.
Brian Spears, Program Co-Chair, G. Brian Spears, P.C., Atlanta
Gerald R. Weber, Jr., Program Co-Chair, Law Offices of Gerry Weber, LLC, Atlanta

Wrongful Arrest and Detention Claims - Mistakes by Police and Jailers in Arrests and Detention
Ryan Primerano, Staff Attorney, Southern Center for Human Rights, Atlanta
The Hero’s journey: restoring your addicted attorney to greatness
Jeff Mangrum, National & Strategic Accounts Director, The Hazelden-Betty Ford Foundation, Naples, FL

Common Mistakes of Plaintiff’s Lawyers in Civil Rights Litigation
Phillip E. Friduss, Hall Booth Smith, P.C., Atlanta

Practical Guide to Using the Georgia Open Records Act
Hollie G. Manheimer, Georgia First Amendment Foundation; Stuckey & Manheimer, Inc., Decatur
Police Cases and Public Protest: Effect on Current Litigation
L. Chris Stewart, Stewart, Seay & Felton, Atlanta
Presenting Expert Testimony in Civil Rights Cases
Richard W. Hendrix, Finch McCranie LLP, Atlanta
Allegations of Sexual Misconduct in Education Setting: Victims’ Rights and Rights of Accused
• Representing Victims in School
Administrative Matters
Craig L. Goodmark, Goodmark Law Firm LLC, Decatur
• Due process rights of accused persons
Jonathan E. Hawkins, Krevolin & Horst, LLC, Atlanta
Litigation of Medical Treatment Claims
Craig T. Jones, The Orlando Firm, P.C., Atlanta

Healthcare for Transgender People in Jails and Prisons
David Dinielli, Southern Poverty Law Center, Montgomery, AL

Fines, Bail and Equal Protection: Litigation of Monetary Bail Systems
Sarah E. Geraghty, Southern Center for Human Rights, Atlanta
Insurance, the waiver of sovereign immunity, indemnification and judgment enforcement
G. Brian Spears