Main Street Lawyers '12

Recorded March 30, 2012


  • Main Street Lawyers Committee, State Bar of Georgia


  • Gregory C. Sowell, Program Chair; Senior Director of Development, The University of Georgia School of Law, Athens


Kenneth L. Shigley, President, State Bar of Georgia; Chambers, Aholt & Rickard, LLP, Atlanta

Is Small Town Private Practice For You?
Pros And Cons

Charles E. Peeler, Flynn Peeler & Phillips, LLC, Albany

Start Up Basics: Turning The Lights On And
Keeping Them On

  • Selecting a Location
  • Obtaining Insurance (What Do You Need?)
  • Hiring Needed Staff
  • Things You Do Not Think About—Utilities, Office Supplies, etc.

Joshua C. Bell, The Law Office of Joshua C. Bell, LLC, Whigham

State Bar Resources

  • Transition Into Law Practice Program-
    Douglas G. Ashworth, Associate Director, Institute of Continuing Legal Education in Georgia, Athens
  • FastCase
  • Law Practice Management
  • Member Benefits Committee
  • Ethics Hotline-
    Michael L. Monahan, Director, Pro Bono Project, State Bar of Georgia, Atlanta

Building Skills and Other Resources

  • Software: Case Management and Billing Programs
  • Utility of the Internet: Advertising, Listserv and Legal Research
  • Pro Bono Work-
    Michael L. Monahan

Take A Guru To Lunch

Gregory C. Sowell

Waiting For The Phone To Ring:
How To Attract Clients (Panel Discussion)

  • Offering Presentations/Seminars to the Community
  • Community and Association Involvement
  • Blogging
  • Newsletters
  • Internet Advertising

M. Tyler Smith, Smith, Gilliam, Williams & Miles, P.A., Gainesville;
John P. Webb, Smith, Welch, Webb & White, LLC, Stockbridge;
Kice H. Stone, Stone & Driggers, LLC, Macon;
Gregory C. Sowell

Common Ethical Challenges Confronting A Sole Practitioner

  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Creation of Lawyer-Client Relationship
  • Trust Account vs. Business Account
  • Escrow
  • Office Sharing

Walter J. Gordon, Sr., The Gordon Law Firm, Hartwell;
J. Alexander Johnson, J. Alexander Johnson, P.C., Baxley;
Christina Petrig, Assistant General Counsel, State Bar of Georgia, Atlanta


Christina Petrig

War Stories—Successes and Failures

Walter J. Gordon, Sr.;
Gregory C. Sowell;
Kice H. Stone