Trial Advocacy '13

Recorded November 8, 2013


    Peter A. Law, Program Co-Chair, Law & Moran, Atlanta

introduction and program overview

Peter A. Law

Ethics and professionalism from the bench

Hon. Jay M. Roth, Judge, State Court of Fulton County, Atlanta

medical experts at trial

Michael L. Goldberg, Fried Rogers Goldberg LLC, Atlanta

Federal Procedure and Case Management in Civil Cases

E. Mike Moran, Law & Moran, Atlanta

Avoiding Legal Malpractice Through Professionalism

Linley Jones, Linley Jones, P.C., Atlanta

Maximizing the Value of Cases Involving Drugs and Alcohol

Matt E. Cook, Cook Law Group, LLC, Cornelia

Persuasion at Trial

James N. “Jay” Sadd, Slappey & Sadd, LLC, Atlanta

Navigating Apportionment Issues In A Premises Liability Trial

Mike J. Gorby, Gorby Peters & Associates, LLC, Atlanta

Ethics, Professionalism and the Practice of Law

Hon. J. Anthony DelCampo, Delcampo, Weber & Grayson, LLC, Atlanta

Maximizing Damages

Peter A. Law