Carlson On Evidence: New Rules For Georgia Lawyers '13 (without book)

Recorded December 19, 2013


  • Ronald L. Carlson, Program Co-Chair; Professor and Fuller E. Callaway Chair of Law Emeritus, University of Georgia
    School of Law, Athens

  • Michael Scott Carlson, Program Co-Chair; Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney, Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit, Decatur; Adjunct Professor of Law, Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School, Atlanta

Program Materials

    This DVD rental DOES NOT include the book Carlson on Evidence: Comparing the Georgia and Federal Rules 2nd Edition (2014), authored by Ronald L. Carlson and Michael S. Carlson (ICLE).

    [If you'd like to purchase the book by itself ($195), you may do so here, or, you can purchase the book at a reduced cost ($105) if you purchase it together with its video rental, using this link.]: No longer applicable. 3rd Edition of Carlson with Carlson '15 coming soon! (price may vary)

Welcome and program overview

Stephen J. Harper, Executive Director, The Institute of Continuing Legal Education; Adjunct Professor, University of Georgia School of Law, Athens

Ron Carlson Presents Compelling Principles of Cross-Examination, Privileges, Experts and the Best Evidence Rules—featuring the mighty carlson law players:

  • Todd H. Ashley, Deputy Director, Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia, Atlanta

  • Donald P. Geary, Chief Assistant District Attorney, Cobb County Judicial Circuit, Marietta

  • John S. Melvin, Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney, Cobb County Judicial Circuit, Marietta

  • Kathryn Hackney Smith, HAP Investment Group, LLC, Atlanta

  • Ronald L. Carlson

  • Joyette Holmes, Charles Lyons

Hearsay under Georgia’s New Evidence Code: Critical Considerations

  • Hon. Charles Hargrove Weigle, U.S. Magistrate Judge, Middle District of Georgia, Macon

  • Julian A. Cook, III, Professor, University of Georgia School of Law, Athens

  • Robert C. Khayat Jr., King & Spalding LLP, Atlanta

JUDGES AND LAWYERS Panel Examines Strategic and Tactical Imperatives Under Georgia’s New Evidence Code

An Oustanding Panel Address Issues Drawn from These Topics:

  • Effective use of motions in limine

  • Use of Eleventh Circuit authority

  • Objection strategies; Controlling inflammatory evidence—what is left of the “prejudicial” objection

  • Daubert strategy—pre-trial or mid-trial

  • Judicial notice under the new code

  • Crawford issues—Walker v. Illinois and beyond

  • Use of visual aids

  • DUI issues under Rules 404(b) and 417

  • Impeachment via prior convictions

  • Deposition strategies


  • Mike Carlson


  • Hon. Cynthia J. Becker, Judge, DeKalb County Superior Court, Decatur

  • Hon. James G. Bodiford, Judge, Cobb County Superior Court, Marietta

  • Hon. Ural D.L. Glanville, Judge, Fulton County Superior Court, Atlanta

  • Hon. Dax Eric Lopez, Judge, DeKalb County State Court, Decatur

  • Hon. D. Victor Reynolds, District Attorney, Cobb County Judicial Circuit, Marietta

  • Hon. Benjamin S. Richardson, Solicitor General, Muscogee County, Columbus

  • Hon. Kathryn McCart Schrader, Judge, Gwinnett County Superior Court, Lawrenceville

  • Rebecca Lin Crumrine, Hedgepeth Heredia Crumrine & Morrison LLC, Atlanta

  • Craig A. Gillen, Gillen Withers & Lake LLC, Atlanta

  • Brian D. “Buck” Rogers, Fried Rogers Goldberg LLC, Atlanta

  • Michael B. Terry, Bondurant, Mixson & Elmore, LLP, Atlanta

  • Vic Reynolds, District Attorney, Cobb County Judicial Circuit, Marietta

Ethics and the Duty of Candor: The Dilemmas of Disclosure When Authorities Disagree—Ethical Challenges Under the New Evidence Code

  • Hon. Edward J. Tarver, U.S. Attorney, Southern District of Georgia, Savannah

  • Hon. Henry R. Thompson, Judge, Cobb County State Court, Marietta

  • Rep. Barry A. Fleming, Georgia House of Representatives; Fleming & Nelson, LLP, Evans

Professionalism Issues and Georgia’s New Evidence Code

  • Bobby L. Christine, Bobby L. Christine, P.C., Evans

  • Robert S. Highsmith Jr., Holland & Knight LLP, Atlanta

  • William Travis Sakrison, Executive Director, Georgia Public Defender Standards Council, Atlanta