Workers' Comp Law for the GP '14

Recorded March 21, 2014


Workers' Compensation Law Section, State Bar of Georgia


Kelly A. Benedict, Program Co-Chair, Benedict & Torpey, P.C., Marietta

Hon. Elizabeth W. Lammers, Program Co-Chair, State Board of Workers’ Compensation, Atlanta

FORMS, FILINGS, AND THE BOARD’S INTEGRATED CLAIMS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (ICMS): A Primer on the Legal and Practical Considerations for Getting Your Claims Filed and Your Issues Heard

  • Hon. Viola S. Drew, State Board of Workers’ Compensation, Atlanta
  • Dana Prather, Director, Process Improvement and Oversight Division, State Board of Workers’ Compensation, Atlanta
  • Hon. Elizabeth W. Lammers

PRESENTATION OF YOUR CASE AT TRIAL: The Panel of Judges will Give Their Perspectives on Such Things as How to Name the Proper Parties, the Elements of the Burden of Proof, How and Why Attorney’s Fees are Awarded, and Common Mistakes They See

  • Hon. Elizabeth W. Lammers
  • Hon. Jerome J. Stenger, State Board of Workers’ Compensation, Savannah
  • Hon. David K. Imahara, State Board of Workers’ Compensation, Gainesville and Atlanta

FINDING COVERAGE: A Presentation on Common and Perhaps Not so Common Ways to Find Insurance Coverage and Determine Who Pays

C. Wade McGuffey, Jr., Goodman, McGuffey, Lindsey & Johnson, LLP, Atlanta

DEFENSES THAT ARE THROWN AT YOU AND HOW TO RETURN THE BALL: Presenters will Discuss the Various Defenses That May be Raised in the Workers’ Compensation Arena, Including Intoxication and Other Affirmative Defenses, and How a Claimant Might Overcome Them

  • Cannon C. Alsobrook, Savell & Williams, LLP, Atlanta
  • Timothy V. Hanofee, Attorney at Law, Atlanta

MOTION PRACTICE: Everything you Need to Know About Motion Practice Before the Board, Including When a Motion is Appropriate, the Workers’ Compensation Act’s “Good Faith” Requirement, and the Board’s “Expedited Resolution” Program

  • Hon. Janice B. Askin, Director, ADR Division, State Board of Workers’ Compensation, Atlanta
  • Hon. Nicole D. Tifverman, State Board of Workers’ Compensation, Savannah

ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS: Common Ethical Dilemmas and Avoiding Malpractice Claims

Frank Beltran, The Beltran Firm, Atlanta

PRESENTING YOUR (G)(6) CASE: Hear from an Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney and a Vocational Rehabilitation Expert on How to Succeed in Obtaining a Catastrophic Designation for your Claim

  • Thomas W. Herman, Westmoreland, Patterson, Moseley & Hinson LLP, Macon
  • Earl Thompson, Vocational Rehabilitation, Lawrenceville

LIENS, LIENS AND MORE LIENS: Presenters will Discuss Subrogation, Attorney's Fee, Child Support, and Other Liens and How to Address Them in the Workers’ Compensation Context

  • Kelly A. Benedict, Benedict & Torpey, P.C., Marietta
  • John D. Christy, John D. Christy, P.C., Perry

EVIDENTIARY ISSUES: A Distinguished Expert in Georgia’s Rules of Evidence will Address the Most Common Evidentiary Issues that Arise in the Context of Workers’ Compensation Litigation

Paul S. Milich, Professor of Law and Director of the Advocacy Program, Georgia State University College of Law, Atlanta

PROFESSIONALISM: Professionalism in the Practice of Law, Generally, and in the Workers’ Compensation Arena, in Particular will be Discussed

John F. Sweet, Clements & Sweet LLC, Atlanta