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Answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How long do I get to keep my Rental?
  2. Your Rental period is 3 weeks, starting from the day your Rental ships. Your Rental's Due Date is printed on your Credit Sheet.
  3. Do I keep the book(s)?
  4. Yes, any written materials are yours to keep. The only time you have to send back written materials is when you end up with extras from Group Rental no-shows.
  5. Are there late fees?
  6. Yes, your Rental return must be postmarked by its Due Date, located on your Credit Sheet. For the first 10 weekdays they are late, the late fees are $3 per day. Weekends and national holidays do not count when calculating late fees. Late fees are calculated per program, not per viewer.
  7. My Rental is more than 10 weekdays late, what do I owe?
  8. At 11 weekdays, your late fee jumps to $80 and caps out there.
  9. Can I get an extension on my Rental period?
  10. Possibly; if a colleague expresses interest in viewing the program you have rented, we can grant an extension of no longer than 2 weeks in order for your colleague to view the program as well before returning it. In cases of medical or family emergencies, we can also grant extensions. If you think you qualify under these conditions, please email or call us.
  11. Do I need to have my Rental returned to ICLE by its "Due Date"?
  12. No, as long as your videos are postmarked by the Due Date listed on your Credit Sheet, they are considered "on-time".
  13. What happens if I lose the DVD's I rented?
  14. There is a Missing Disc Fee of $20 per lost disc.
  15. What happens if I lose the seminar DVD Case?
  16. There is a Missing Case Fee of $10. The DVD Case is the plastic or cardboard case with the program title and names of the speakers on it, and contains the actual discs; it is not the large box we shipped your DVD's and book in.


  1. When will my credits be reported?
  2. Your credits are usually reported to the Georgia Bar within a week of the shipment of your Rental. After we report your credits, it may take the Bar website up to 10 business days to reflect the completion of your self-study video course. We now report your credits when we ship your Rental, instead of waiting until we receive your return. Unpaid fees and/or unreturned materials may result in the pulling of your credits until those fees are settled.
  3. Are my credits reported based on when my Rental was returned, or when it was first sent out?
  4. Your credits are reported based upon when your Rental was shipped to you, not when we receive it back. A program that's rented in February could be returned late in April and, as long as the late fees and any other applicable Rental materials/fees are returned/paid, we will report your Rental as having been performed before the March 31st deadline, not after. This is ICLE's current discretionary policy. Please complete your CLE's and return your Rental in a timely manner. Late videos that must be invoiced result in your credits being pulled until your balance is settled.
  5. How many videos can I rent in a year?
  6. Only 6 hours of your total 12 per year can come from a "Self-Study" source such as DVD or Webcast. However, if you do perform 12 Self-Study hours in a year, the second 6 will roll over and count toward your next year's total as Self-Study hours.
  7. I'm licensed to practice law in another state. Do the credits from my Rental count there too?
  8. Possibly; you are responsible for contacting that state's Bar in order to find out, and report your hours. There is a form that you can request from us that you can fill out, print, and present to them in order to verify the completion of your Rental. To obtain that form, please contact our Credits Manager at ICLE only reports credit hours for ICLE programs, and only to the State Bar of Georgia.

Group Rentals

  1. I want to get people together to watch a Rental. Do we each have to pay the full Rental fee?
  2. Yes. The Rental Fee is a per-attendee fee. We do not give discounts for group rentals.
  3. I have leftover books due to some Group Rental no-shows, do I have to return them?
  4. Yes, any written materials left unused by extra attendees who could not view the program during the Rental period must be returned or purchased.
  5. We had extra attendees who did not receive books, is there a way they can get a book?
  6. Yes, when you send your videos and Credit Sheet back, include a note specifying which extra attendees would like a set of written materials, and we will send that number of books to the attorney who rented the videos.


  1. I appeared in a program that was recorded, can I get a copy of my appearance to keep?
  2. For info on that, please contact Brian Davis:
  3. Why do the Rentals cost so much?
  4. ICLE is a completely self-supporting, not-for-profit organization, and, even today, video production is a very expensive venture. Couple that with the fact that these programs have a very limited audience, and ICLE can't charge less than the live pre-registration fees for each program.
  5. I'm a Public Defender, do I qualify for a discount?
  6. Yes, Public Defenders qualify for a 30% discount. If we do not already have you listed as a Public Defender in our database, please fax or mail your order along with verification of your Public Defender status and we can grant your discount. Only attorneys with up-to-date Public Defender status qualify for the discount.
  7. Isn't ICLE the same thing as - or a part of - the State Bar of Georgia?
  8. No. ICLE is an independent entity from the State Bar, though we do have a working relationship. We receive a number of calls every year asking questions about or for arbitration on CLE issues only the Georgia Bar can address, just as some people mail their ICLE Rental returns to the State Bar. ICLE is a self-supporting, not-for-profit institution affiliated with the University of Georgia and located in Athens; the State Bar is located in downtown Atlanta.
  9. I really like this program, can I purchase these discs?
  10. Unfortunately, no. We're happy you enjoyed the program, but none of our programs are for sale; they are all copyrighted videos.

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