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The Code
The Code is a concise, 4 inch by 6 inch pocketbook. The Criminal Edition condenses the key portions of Title 16 and Title 40, The Criminal and Traffic Code of Georgia. The Civil Edition condenses the key portions of Title 9, The Georgia Civil Practice Act.  The Evidence Edition contains the new Rules of Evidence (Title 24).  All 3 books break down the main components of the law into a manageable, quick reference guide. The content is both neutral and simplified, so that it is beneficial to anyone who needs either a quick refresher or a general understanding of how Georgia law operates.

EVIDENCE edition - a reference guide to georgia rules of evidence

Price:  $40.00

CIVIL edition - a reference guide to georgia civil practice and procedure

PRICE: $40.00

criminal edition - a reference guide to georgia criminal and traffic law

Price:  $40.00


Navigating the Ever-Changing World of Social Media

August 23, 2016

We all know that having a website and being active on social media are key elements of your professional presence. However, there are many social media platforms to choose from, lots of options within those platforms, and an accompanying ethical minefield just waiting to trap the unwary lawyer. That said, social media can be a valuable tool, and this webinar will help you use it while discussing legal issues that you need to be aware of.

Rather than talking about why you should use social media, we will focus on how you can use it by looking at actual examples of social media successes and cautionary tales, and we’ll walk you through the steps necessary to engage your client base on various social media platforms. We will strive to be as interactive as possible, and once you register, you will be invited to answer a survey in advance of the program to help direct the content that you most want to discuss. You’ll also receive a wealth of resources to assist you as you venture out into the world of social media on your own!

The program will feature:

Sherrie Hines is the digital marketing professional for ICLE and previously spent over six years as a public defender. Hines graduated from UGA's undergraduate program summa cum laude and from UGA Law with honors. She is committed to volunteer work, which is where she gained much of her early social media experience, and she has been recognized for her contributions to Bear Hollow Zoo and Clarke County Yoshukai Karate. She's also a board member for Athenspets, a non-profit supporting ACC Animal Control.


  • "How-to's" and examples from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Ethical pitfalls to avoid
  • Free, easy resources you can use to manage your social media presence

This program will provide 1 CLE Hour.  Once you have registered for the program, you will receive a link with instructions to access the program.


In 2013, Georgia adopted its new evidence code, patterned after the federal rules of evidence. Almost immediately, there was a divide among legal observers. Many remained fixated on pre-2013 Georgia evidence authority. Others, like ICLE's Carlson on Evidence, provided readers with expansive federal authority to apply to Georgia's new evidence code.

In a series of dramatic 2015 decisions, the Georgia Supreme Court resolved the issue. Federal case law - the Eleventh Circuit's in particular - should be used to interpret Georgia's new and federalized evidence provisions. Notable Georgia Court of Appeals decisions have aligned with this approach.

Since its first edition, Carlson on Evidence has focused on comprehensive, rule-by-rule, comparative examination of Georgia's new evidence code and its federal counterpart. In its fourth edition, Carlson on Evidence has expanded its unparalleled content even further with a wide array of 2015 Georgia and Federal evidence authority and analysis.

Make sure your law library, trial notebook, and appellate binder have the latest edition of ICLE's Carlson on Evidence.

price:  $225.00



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